NWPA Growers Co-op

About Abbreviations

When you peruse the store departments you will notice that each item listing is preceded by an abbreviation consisting of two capital letters. These letters indicate the farm that grew or produced that particular item. Here is the key to the code:

BP = Philsons' Bushel and a Peck Farm   (environmentally friendly; sustainable, organic methods used)

CD = Chester Detweiler Farm   (natural methods used; no chemical/toxic herbicides or pesticides)

DM = David Mullet Farm    (natural methods used; no chemical herbicides/pesticides)

GL = Grateful Life Farm    (non-GMO pastured poultry, natural growing methods, no chemical herbicides/pesticides)

HH = Hazy Hollow Farm   (pasture-based livestock with no hormones, antibiotics; raw honey)               

JB = Jonathan Byler Farm    (natural methods used; no chemical/toxic herbicides or pesticides)

JM = John Miller Farm    (pastured egg chickens; environmentally-friendly growing practices) 

HG = Harmony Grove Farm   (all-natural hydroponics)

MF = Mickley Farms   (grass fed beef, pork, and poultry; organic growing methods used)

NW = Nu-Way Farm    (environmentally-friendly; no chemical pesticides or herbicides)

OT = Old Time Farm   (heritage breed poultry, beef, and pork; non-GMO local feed)

RB = Raymond Byler  (environmentally friendly; natural methods used)

RD = Riverview Dairy   (organic natural dairy)

SA = Springfield Acres   (environmentally-friendly, no chemical/toxic herbicides, pesticides)

SW = Silver Wheel Farm, LLC   (Certified Naturally Grown)

WR = Wild Roses Farm     (Certified Naturally Grown)