NWPA Growers Co-op

Basket of Hope

Donate to help those in need

Do you love your CSA Share from local farmers?  Would you like to share that love with others who can not afford the entire cost of a share because of temporary hardship?  We are collecting donations toward a discounted share for a limited number of community members.

NWPA Growers is aware that although many families would love to eat fresh produce and local meats while supporting their area farmers, money is often very tight.  Health issues that would be best served by a healthy diet can create havoc on budgets, especially when many expenses are not covered by insurance.

We are starting a local program, called Basket of Hope, in which donations will be collected to assist families in need of a temporary helping hand.  Food items or CSA shares will be purchased from participating local farmers at a reduced cost in order to help hand-picked families get the help they need while also helping local farmers cover their costs.

Your donation to Basket of Hope will be carefully used right here in your community.  You may mail a check or through PayPal with the Donate button on this page.

Basket of Hope