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Basic Stock or Bone Broth Recipe

Basic Stock or Bone Broth Recipe  

Start with chicken, turkey, beef, or venison bones (the more, the better and you can mix them)

Add 1 medium to large onion 2 ribs of celery

A fist of garlic (totally worth the work!)

Add salt, seasoned salt, fresh pepper if you wish

A splash of raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar – this will allow important minerals trapped in the bones to release into the solution

Enough filtered water to cover the bones  

Bring the contents to a simmer slowly in order to get the best benefit from the combined ingredients.

Use a large spoon and remove any scum that rises to the top as your stock is starting to simmer

Add water as it evaporates shut off the heat when you go to bed and then start it back up in the morning….it will still be hot when you wake up.

Simmer for a second full day

Remove from the heat for the night

Stir the contents well and then strain through a colander into a bowl or pan that pours well and empty your stock pot

Pour your finished stock into Mason jars or freezer bags and freeze  

*If you are treating a health issue with stock, consider adding chicken feet or a beef hoof to your stock for the added collagen. We carry chicken feet in our store and they can also be included in CSA shares. 

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