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Cheesy Spinach Egg Drop Soup

Prep time: Approx. 10 minutes

Servings: 4 bowls



(2) 14 oz cans of chicken broth (or make your own stock!)

(5) Farm Fresh Eggs

(2) cups of fresh baby spinach, washed, chopped

(1/4) cup grated Parmesean or Romano Cheese

pinch of ground nutmeg (optional)



Pour broth into a large saucepan and heat to simmering, over medium heat. Add the chopped spinach to the broth. Add the pinch of nutmeg. Heat until the soup is simmering again.


In another bowl, crack the eggs and beat until well mixed. While gently stirring the soup, pour in the beaten eggs. Remove from heat immediately.


Serve the soup hot with cheese sprinkled generously on top.



Chickens Magazine, Liz Palika. Spring 2010

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