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Easy Curry Stew

This is a simple and hearty meal that doesn't require much preparation, and can be made with ease in a crock pot. This is one of our favourite ways to use up leftover meats and veg that aren't quite enough to make a full meal. If we don't have left overs to use, it's our favourite way to prepare stewing beef. It's also always a hit with our farm workers and our kids at meal time. Serve with rice or cornbread, or a fresh green salad. 

You can get pretty flexible with the ingredients, but this is what we generally use, as this is more of a method than a recipe.

1 500ml can Coconut milk,

1 500ml jar of tomato sauce, puree, diced, whatever. Tomato paste works too.

Meat. Could be leftover beef, or pork. Or, 1 pound of stewing beef is also great.

1 500ml can of mixed beans. I like a blend of kidney beans, chickpeas, etc. Use what ever beans you like best. We often add two cans of beans, because we like beans.

Veggies like sweet potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, squash, onion, etc.

Curry powder, minced garlic, salt and pepper.

Add the meat to the crock pot. If I've made a roast the night before in the crock pot, I make sure the leftovers go back into the pot at the end of the meal so all the juices and scraps go into the curry stew. If I've not any leftovers on hand, I add 1 pound of frozen stewing beef or ground beef. Doesn't need to be thawed first, but it's a good idea to stir everything part way through if you start with frozen meat.

Add the coconut milk, tomato (sauce, puree, diced or whatever), any hard veggies that need a longer cooking time like sweet potatoes or squash, and the beans. I often add greens like spinach or small zucchini pieces at the end just before serving as they cook so quickly. 

Stir in the curry powder, garlic, and salt and pepper. You can add this seasonings to your own preferences. I make a mild curry, because my kids will eat that. 

Turn the crock pot on to high or low, depending on how soon you want your meal ready. If I'm putting all this in to cook in the morning to have ready for supper, I use the low setting. I use high if I need it for lunch.

If you are feeling decadent, add another can of coconut milk before serving. 

The longer this stew cooks, the softer and more flavourful the meat, but too long and your veggies will be mushy. A good compromise is to blend the coconut milk, tomatoes, meat and curry in the pot and cook overnight. Then in the morning, add the veggies and beans to have the dish ready for lunch time. A great dish to throw together Friday night to have a hearty meal ready for a busy Saturday afternoon.


You can adjust this recipe just about any way you can imagine.

-Take out the meat and add more beans.

-Add more meat and take out the beans.

-Add whatever veggies you like. 

-Add chilli powder to spice it up

-If you can think of it, go ahead and try it. It will probably taste awesome.

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