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Eggs with Swiss Chard

3 eggs

Splash Milk

2 tbsp butter

4 leaves of swiss chard

1 clove garlic slivered

chives (thinly sliced) 



splash white wine


Remove stems from swiss chard. Roll swiss chard leaves and slice thinly. 

Add 1 tbsp of butter to pan and after melted add the garlic slivers. 

Cook for a moment and then add the thinly sliced swiss chard. 

Cook for another minute and then add a splash of wine (small) to the swiss chard and turn up heat until the wine has evaporated and the chard is wilted. 


Beat the eggs with the splash of milk and salt and pepper. Add the other tbsp of butter to the pan with the chard and after it has melted add the eggs. 


Cook over low and draw a fork occasionally back and forth through the eggs in order to slowly scramble them adding the chives as you go. Take off heat after they are barely set and eat right away! 

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