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Heather's Crockpot Tomatillos

This is the way I make tomatillos at our house most of the time.  It is a great meal when those summer days get long and I want something easy for dinner, so I start it when I come in for lunch.

-       1 pound of tomatillos   - husk/wash and cut in eight pieces.

-       1 onion – chop coarsely

-       2 cloves garlic – crushed and diced

-       Zero to three small hot peppers (Serrano, jalapenos) cut kind of fine

-       Three bell or other sweet/green peppers chopped coarsely

Throw all this into your crockpot.

Add some cumin, some salt, and some chili powder if you like chili powder.  You can also add fresh or jarred lemon or lime juice if you like things citrusy.  Stir everything up

On top add a pound raw of chicken breasts.

Cook for 5-6 hours.  Do not worry about the fact there is no liquid your tomatillos will give off a ton!

Your chicken will be falling apart tender from the acid in the tomatillos. 

Remove the meat from the pot and shred.  At this point you have two options.  Either add the shredded chicken back in and serve over rice or chips  OR you can pour the crockpot ingredients into a sauce pan and reduce it.  Then add the chicken in for a taco filling (the goal is to make it less messy/wet.)

You can do this same recipe with pork, but if you use beef you will want to cook it for longer. 


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