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Zucchini-Summer Squash Skillet

Here is an easy recipe to use up zucchini and summer squash that is easily adaptable to suit individual taste.  I am sorry, but I am not one who measures out amounts; I add till it looks and tastes good. ·        

I use a cast iron large pan and cut up enough zucchini/squash to fill it to top – just increase the pan size for larger quantities 

Meanwhile sauté some of Ledamete Grass Farm's great tasting ground sausage mixes or I also use deer sausage I make(could use regular sausage and cut up or kielbasa etc.)·        

Add already made salsa (use my canned salsa from last year’s CSA veggies, but any store bought version would work as well as fresh) – I use almost a pint jar till there is liquid but not drowning in it and the tomatoes look sufficient.  This already has the onions, sweet and hot peppers, cumin and other added seasonings.  ·        

Add the cooked sausage (also has the seasonings) and simmer for a few minutes until squashes are tender, but not mushy.·        

In last couple of minutes add a good portion of fresh cilantro cut up and carefully stir in.  You could add a small amount of salt and pepper or other seasonings as you like.  I find the fresh cilantro gives it that pickup-up needed so generally do not add beyond that.·        

If you use zucchini only, you could add cooked corn for color to replace yellow squashes.  Sometimes I will also add dry type beans like pinto beans or kidney etc. to have all 3 sisters represented in the dish.  ·        

Also works well with the addition of cheese in addition to meat or to replace meat for those non-meat lovers.·        

If you make up large quantities you can freeze for an easy meal when camping or at home to not have to heat up the kitchen during the summer or spend a lot of time in preparation. 


- Contributed by farm member Linda Fix

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