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Naturally-Raised Meats

Hazy Hollow Farm  (Herb Thompson, Slippery Rock)  Beef is 100% grass grazed Scottish Highland cattle.  Pork is pastured and supplemented with non-GMO grain.  No antibiotics or hormones.

Bushel and a Peck Farm (Philson family, Mercer)   Lamb is 100% grass grazed.  No hormones or antibiotics.

Mickley Farms   (Howard Mickley, Plain Grove)  Beef is 100% grass grazed.  Pork and chicken are raised on pasture with certified organic, non-soy grain to supplement.

Grateful Life Farm (Shawn Witherup and Leah Wilson, Kennerdell)  Pastured chicken and rabbit supplemented with non-GMO grains. 

Allegheny River Farm (Brent Roberts and Jamie Martin, Kennerdell)  Pastured chicken and rabbit.

(Note: concerned about GMO ingredients in animal feed?  As of June 2014, all of our supplemental animal feed is Non-GMO.)

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