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2023 CSA Week 1

We have arrived! CSA launch day is here. In just a few days, the start of our delicious and nutritious farm-fresh food will make its way to your kitchen.

But FIRST you have to go shopping! Your cart is empty, waiting to be filled with your choice of products that our farmers and vendors have available this week.


NOTE: If you chose to pay by check and we have not received your payment nor have you contacted us confirming that your check has been mailed, then your access to CSA ordering is on hold. Please email amy@nwpagrowers to discuss.

CSA Schedule
  1. Friday morning you will receive this email with a link to this blog post and a link to the shopping page.

  2. You have until Sunday at 11 PM to fill your cart and finalize your share for the week. However, we will open the store to non-CSA members on Sunday, so you should try to shop on Friday or Saturday for the best choice. Limited-supply produce often sells out within an hour or two on Friday morning.

  3. Unlike our old site, you need to finalize your share when you customize it. If you add products that value above your weekly budget, then you will need to pay for the extras with a credit card. If you decide that you want to place another order that week to be delivered with your original share, just pay with your credit card with no additional delivery fee since you've already paid all of your delivery fees for the season up front.

  4. Farmers get busy picking and prepping your orders.

  5. Wednesday and Thursday we deliver your boxes filled with fresh produce and all the other farm products that you choose. Pickup location info and times can be seen on your orders page and in the CSA Handbook.

Farm News

All of a sudden, it's summer! While the weather is beautiful, our farmers need rain. It has been a challenging growing season so far, with our spring crops just sitting there waiting for sun in the midst of weeks of clouds and rain. Now we have all sun and no rain. We are irrigating as much as we can to keep the produce growing.

Glacial Till Farm snapped this pic of all their field of greens all in neat rows. That's a lot of scallions coming to your boxes in the coming weeks!


We will be sharing recipes in our new CSA Members Facebook group and on our Pinterest page. I will also share recipes here sometimes, but not this week!

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have questions, especially navigating the new website. However, I do not work from Friday night until Saturday night, so if you email me then I will respond late Saturday or early Sunday. If you need urgent help, you can message on Facebook to see if Autumn can help you.

Your NWPA Growers are hard at work raising the most delicious farm products. We're looking forward to feeding your family this season.

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