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2023 CSA Week 10

This is B Group week.

When you order, please remember to click on the "Use Store Credit" button before you check out. We can not refund everyone's card when you complete your order before you click that button. Your unused credit remains on your account, though, to use later.

If you're not a CSA member, you can access the store on Sunday here.

This week's news

  • Sweet corn was a hit last week and sold out on Friday. No corn this week, but the next planting will hopefully be ready for next week.

  • Heirloom Tomatoes from Yellow Creek Farm and Multi-Colored Tomatoes from Detweiler Farm are summer favorites. Don't forget the basil!

  • Just 10 heads of lettuce are available from Harmony Grove Farm, so act quick if you want some!

  • Beets are back from Glacial Till Farm

  • We have new beef, pork, and chicken inventory from Moose Family Farm and Mickley Organic Farm.

  • Some varieties from Middlefield Cheese are back in stock, including Colby which has been sold out for a few months.

Farm News

We're all trying to keep on top of the weeds out here. It's a continual challenge, and we don't always win the war. Sometimes we spend hours hoeing or hand weeding a bed of plants, but sometimes we just till it in and replant the next round of produce. Cover crops and mulch help tremendously, but the weeds still creep in where they're not wanted.

Your farmers are still busy planting fall crops, cutting and baling hay, and just living the good life on our farms.


Easy Cabbage and Cucumber Salad I've been making quick pickled cucumbers as a side the last couple of weeks, but I'll have to try this version with cabbage!

Garlicky Swiss Chard and Chickpeas This calls for chicken broth and feta cheese, but it's easy to substitute ingredients to make this vegan or vegetarian.

Have a great week! Share your share on social media and tag NWPA Growers. And share your recipes and creations, too!

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