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2023 CSA Week 11

This is "A week" for biweekly members.

Remember to click "Use Store Credit" before you check out.

Here's the link to the CSA store:

The store for non-members is open Sundays only. Access the non-member store here.

What's your favorite food of summer? Do you love the sweet corn? Do you crave fresh, locally-grown tomatoes all year? My kids turn up their noses at peppers and cucumbers all year, waiting for flavor-packed veggies from our garden or our local farmers.

It looks like the next planting of sweet corn won't be ready for another week, so if you're craving corn, please be patient while the kernels fill out and sweeten.

This week:

  • Shiitake mushrooms are back from Raber Farm -- just 25 8-ounce bags, so grab 'em quick! Unfortunately, Full Moon Mushrooms won't be back until winter when we don't have as much produce and their orders are larger because of the distance.

  • Green beans from Detweiler Farm

  • Beets from Glacial Till Farm

  • Arugula from Harmony Grove Farm -- just a few

  • Red onions from Detweiler Farm

CSA News

I (Amy) will be on vacation this week, but I'll still check my email daily and do all of the back office stuff that I normally do. But Autumn has agreed to write this newsletter next week, giving me a little extra time off.

Aster Boswell won our Show Me Your Share contest on our Facebook CSA Members group. She got a $10 store credit added to her account! We just started CSA Bingo, so get involved on social media for fun...and you might win a prize! If you're a current CSA member and haven't joined our private group, it's not too late!


Do you love cabbage rolls but hate to fight with the leaves when making them? Here's a tip shared by Kendra, a member of a CSA in Ohio: “I like to throw the whole head of cabbage in the freezer a couple days before I want to make the rolls. The night before I take it out of the freezer and put it in the sink to thaw. The next morning, I cut the core out and the pliable leaves just fall off. No boiling or trying not to tear the fragile leaves! My grandma shared this hack with me over 25 yrs ago.”

Have you tried the Easy Cabbage and Cucumber Salad? It's delicious!

Green Pepper Fries are like onion rings, but with peppers. And they're baked, not fried. If you love onion rings, why not try this recipe with both peppers and onions?

Taco Stuffed Peppers can be modified to suit various diets. Omit the meat for vegetarian. Sub cauli rice if grain free. Like it spicy? Add some chopped inferno peppers. The possibilities are endless!

Quinoa Arugula Salad is a filling, protein-packed dish that is sure to be a hit. With a mild lemon vinaigrette, it hits the spot on hot days.

Cabbage Pancakes (Okonomiyaki) are a great sweep the kitchen dish. You can throw in lots of other veggies, meat, cheese, etc...use up your leftovers for filling or topping!

Don't forget to try a recipe from the newsletter to fill your bingo space!

I'll "see" you in a couple of weeks.


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