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2023 CSA Week 17

We are officially 2/3 through this season. Eight more weeks to go.

This is A week for biweekly shares.

As a reminder, the store will close at 6 PM this Sunday because I'm off work on Monday. I will send reminders to those who haven't ordered yet on Sunday morning, but no reminders the following two weeks.

Scroll down for the button for the store link. And while you're scrolling, please read the newsletter.

CSA members who are on the payment plan, look for your invoice for the final quarter next week. If you have a credit card on file and have paid by credit for past invoices, your card will be charged when the invoice is created. The final quarter begins October 11, so payment must be made by then.

The final date for this year's season is November 15. We always end the season the week before Thanksgiving.

Here's a pic of some of Bushel & a Peck Farm's laying hens. When we go to the fence, a bunch of them come running to see us. They can roam this entire fenced pasture, and their food and water are scattered throughout the field. The brown eggs in your cartons come from the brown hens (Golden Comets), while the white eggs are laid by the white hens (Leghorns).

This Week's Features

  • Spaghetti squash is here! The first ones of the season are the largest. From Detweiler Farm

  • Beets without tops (only 10 lb available) from Detweiler Farm

  • Raspberries (only 10...please limit one so more people can enjoy them. From Mickley Farm

  • Apples (only 10 bags) from Mickley Farm

  • Ground beef is back. All of our ground beef mysteriously disappeared from store listings last week.

  • Sweet corn is still available, both super sweet yellow from Detweiler Farm and heirloom white Silver Queen variety from Mickley Farm.

For non-members, the store will open Sunday morning until 6 pm this week. You can shop here after the store opens for you.


Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Pistachios. One of my favorite ways to eat beets is on salad.

Tomato Feta Baked Spaghetti Squash is a low-carb take on a popular social media recipe. It makes a great vegetarian dinner.

Have you ever baked or microwaved spaghetti squash and it turns out all watery and blah? I found this method of baking spaghetti squash last year, and it turns out delicious every time, plus it cuts baking time.

Are you enjoying the beautiful fall weather lately? I sure am. I love the cool nights and warmish (not hot) days of fall.

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