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2023 CSA Week 2

What did you think of your box for Week 1? I think a few of you were confused, expecting a prebuilt veggie share in addition to what you ordered. But our shares are 100% chosen by you, so what you put in your cart is what you will see in your box. You can choose all veggies, or if you're going away for the weekend and won't be home to use very many veggies, mix it up and order limited veggies with some pantry staples or meat that you can use later.

It has been a crazy week for me, getting the hang of the new programming on Local Line. As much time as I spent reading and asking questions before we made the switch, I didn't really understand how to accomplish most things until I finally began to use it. I still have questions every day, but I've figured out most of the necessary tasks.


How Store Credits Work

  1. Each week your share credit is added to your account ($20, 35, 50, or 75).

  2. You fill your cart with the items you want to order.

  3. IMPORTANT: Check out, using your store credit, not your credit card. Any overage will be charged to your card on file.

  4. Any extra credit that you don't spend will be left on your account to use later.

  5. You must check out when you place items in your cart, unlike in past years where you had all weekend to make changes. However, you may place multiple orders in the same week if you think of other items you wanted to order.


Pickup Time Changes

We are making some changes to our delivery schedule, effective immediately. Due to low membership at some of our Thursday pickup locations, we were forced to cancel them. All of our shares will now be delivered on Wednesday. But to make this happen, part of our route is flip-flopped: Oil City and Meadville can now pick up earlier, but Mercer, Hermitage, New Castle and Cranberry will be later. Please note the new times in the chart below.

This week's news

If you ordered radishes from Detweiler Farm in Week 1, they did not send them because they were not high quality. If you were one of those people, I added a credit to your account.

As always, if you are missing something or receive a damaged item, let me know so we can give you a credit. We want you to be happy with your share!

I have some really sad news: no strawberries this year. :( Due to the odd weather lately, the berries are sparse and are not sellable. Soooo sad.

When you pick up your share, please remove the packing list from the sleeve on the outside of your box. Double check to make sure you don't have any cooler items, and that you received everything you should have. Even though I mark things in red to draw the attention of our packers, we sometimes overlook those notes anyway.

Have you joined our Facebook group that's just for current CSA members? Head on over and join in the conversation. Plus, I'm sure Autumn will be telling us how she uses garlic scapes!

Here's summer as a farm kid @Glacial Till Farm

Stay tuned for more updates. And pray for rain (in moderation)!

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