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2023 CSA Week 24

This is it! The final week of the season.

The season has had some challenges for our farmers, but also some successes. Our potato, sweet potato, and onion harvests were better than ever. We dealt with high weed germination in a lot of our crops, which overtook some crops and gave us a lower harvest of others. Some seeds were unavailable, so we couldn't even attempt some crops. We had our first lamb harvest in a while, and beef and chicken continue to be very popular.

Be sure to use all of your store credit this week. And remember to "pay with store credit" at checkout!

This is "B Week" for biweekly shares, but if you are on the "A Week" rotation and have credit left on your account, you can place an order this week.

This week's features

  • Last call for Thanksgiving turkeys. They will be delivered this Wednesday.

  • NEW Creamed Honey from Duncan's Backyard Farm.

  • Shiitake mushrooms!!!

  • Pasta has been restocked.

  • Blue potatoes from Mickley Farm. Note that some potatoes come in 1 lb. bags and some in 2 lb. Description notes size.

  • Sweet potatoes (both first quality and B grade)

  • Consider ordering gifts this week (bath and body products, maple syrup, honey, etc.)

If you order milk this week and aren't participating in Winter CSA, please drop your milk bottle off at your pickup location within two weeks.

Speaking of Winter CSA, have you signed up yet? Pickup locations are limited to Butler, Grove City, Hermitage, Oil City, and Slippery Rock (with Meadville a possibility if there is enough interest).


Do you serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings? At my house, we do the whole shebang, with turkey raised on our farm, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies for dessert. Because our store, Philson & Friends Artisanal Wares, opens at 6 am on Black Friday, I always make plenty so we just have to reheat everything for Friday night.

I think I share this every year because we always have new members. Here is my favorite Sweet Potato Casserole that will be on my family's Thanksgiving table. Customizable to various diets and allergies. You can even sub butternut squash for a more keto-friendly version (although not everyone allows squash on a keto diet).

Check out NWPA Growers 2023 CSA Members group and our Pinterest page for more recipes!

Thank you again for investing in our local farms with your food dollars. We are truly grateful for all of you.

From all of your NWPA Growers farmers,

Happy Thanksgiving

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