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We need farmers!

NWPA Growers is looking for veggie farmers to join us in providing local, organically-grown food to northwestern PA.

Over the last year, we have lost three of our produce farmers. The latest one is our last Amish farm, Detweiler Farm, because they are moving out of state. As many of you know, Detweilers have supplied the bulk of our summer field crops for the past few years, as well as many of our winter storage crops.

While some of our current farmers are planning to increase our output to provide some of the crops that Detweilers grew, we can't do it all.

So we're reaching out to you, our community, for recommendations.

We specifically need farmers who grow veggies and fruits. If you know of any farmers or market gardeners who raise produce without chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and are looking for a place to sell more produce, we would love to chat with them.

You can share their contact info with us, or have them send us an email at

We're gearing up for 2024 CSA, so look for info about sign-ups by the end of the month. And if you would like to join Winter/Spring CSA for the remainder of the season, click the button below to see your options. Payment will be prorated for missed weeks.

We are counting on you, our biggest supporters, to help us fill the gap!

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