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Winter CSA Week 2

It's time to customize your CSA share for pickup on Wednesday, December 13. This will be the only CSA week this month because we take a three-week break for the holidays since many people are busy and/or traveling during that time. Our next delivery will be January 3.

This week's features

  • Only 10 dozen eggs available this week. Our hens have really dropped off their egg production with the long nights.

  • Lettuce and other greens from Harmony Grove's greenhouse even though it's cold and dreary outside

  • Wild for Salmon has been restocked

I apologize for our low stock of cheese. My daughter got married this week, and in all the busyness of the wedding, I forgot to order cheese from Middlefield to restock our store. But we have plenty of cheese from Pasture Maid!

Click the button below to go shopping and fill your share.

Farm News

I've been a little out of touch with our farmers the last couple of weeks, so I don't have much news from them. We are all receiving seed catalogs in the mail and poring over them, choosing which seeds to plant for next year. Do we stick with our tried and true varieties? Or should we try something new? It's always so difficult to pare down our lists because we want to grow everything!

Animal farmers have been moving their herds to winter pastures because our summer pastures have all been grazed. We have started feeding hay.


Favorite Fall Salad with arugula...or swap for your favorite winter green.

I hope you can find some yummy and healthy eats from this list.

We wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season.

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