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Winter CSA Week 3

Happy New Year! We hope that your holiday season has been joyous. Even though we aren't finished celebrating, we're looking forward to our next CSA delivery on Wednesday, January 3. After this three week break for the holidays, our schedule will consistently be every two weeks through May.

This Week's Features

  • New!! Chicken sausage in both bulk and links in two flavors from Mickley Farm's pastured chickens.

  • Middlefield Cheese has been restocked. Sadly, they have discontinued their line of goat cheese, so the few blocks that we have remaining in stock will be the last.

  • Mickley Farm has limited supply of red fingerling potatoes. We have lots of red, white, and gold potatoes that will last a while, but this will likely be the only week for the fingerlings.

  • Harmony Grove Farm has lots of variety in the greens department. Limited quantities of some, but plenty to choose from.

  • Only 10 dozen eggs available this week. Even though the days have been warmer than usual, our hens just don't like the lack of daylight and refuse to lay.

Be sure to click on the green bar that says "Apply store credit balance to order" to use your CSA credit

Farm News

I really don't have much to report on this front since I haven't been in touch with our farmers lately. On our farm, we are closing our store at Grove City Outlets on January 1, and then we will spend a few days clearing out and moving all of our fixtures back to the farm. Then we will turn our attention to repairing our maple lines and getting ready for the season in early spring.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

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