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2023 CSA Week 21

The season is winding down with just four more deliveries. The final week is November 15, the week before Thanksgiving.

If you have a large credit balance due to skipped weeks, be sure to use it up by the end of the season.

If you are on the quarterly payment plan and don't have a valid credit card on file, you do not have a credit for this week's share to use. A few people's cards have expired and need updating, so invoices were emailed on 10/13. If you pay your invoice, please email me so I can add your credits back to your account because Local Line doesn't send me a notification when invoices are paid.

This is A Week for Biweekly Shares.

This Week's Features

  • Salad Mix from Glacial Till Farm is back! Just 25 available, so act quickly.

  • Romaine lettuce from two farms.

  • Raspberries from Mickley Farm are back. Just 15 (please order just one so more people have a chance to enjoy them).

  • Beef cuts and chicken inventories have been updated by Moose Family Farm.

  • Whole Chickens are 10% off this week. The price is already discounted in the store. All pastured and fed non-GMO grain.

Farm News

Well...I didn't get Winter CSA ready for sign-ups this week as I had hoped. Every time I have a plan for attacking one of my projects, something else takes precedence and the project gets set aside again. Watch for emails about Winter CSA SOON.

Other news from our farms includes equipment maintenance, dodging rain when trying to harvest field crops, cleaning up beds for their winter sleep, and general fall tasks. Farmer's markets are winding down. With the first frost expected early in the week, we're picking the last of our summer crops.


I hope this gives you a few new ideas. For more recipes, head over to our Facebook group for CSA members and see what Autumn is cooking up.

Have a great week!


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