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Winter/Spring CSA Week 10

Did you see the email last week introducing two of our farms? If not, you can read it here. Look for the second in the series to land in your inbox soon.

We are all mud farmers now. That's the most abundant substance on all farms these days. All this rain has saturated the ground to the point that we have ponds in all the low spots, and tractors make even larger ruts when the ground is soft. The grass has begun to grow, but not enough to put our animals on pasture yet. We will still be feeding hay for a few more weeks.

Thankfully, the rain hasn't damaged our veggies. Almost all of the veggies that your farmers have planted are still undercover in greenhouses and grow rooms. The plants that are already in the field have survived the deluge so far, thanks to good drainage.

Payment plan due

If you're on the payment plan for Winter/Spring CSA, I will be invoicing and charging payments the first of the week. If you have a card or bank account on file, we will charge that. If you don't, I will send an email invoice to pay. This is the final (third) payment for this season.

This week's features

  • We are so thankful for Harmony Grove Farm's heated greenhouses throughout the winter and early spring. They continue to supply in-demand greens to our otherwise bleak veggie offerings this time of year. Lettuce, spinach, herbs, and more!

  • Potatoes and onions are starting to sprout, but we have some that are still holding on. If you order potatoes and onions this week, the bags will weigh more than a pound to make up for less-than-perfect veggies.

  • Hazy Hollow Farm's leg of lamb sale from last time hit a snag. Somehow, the inventory was changed to 1, so we have two left...still at the 20% off sale price! These are boneless legs.

Farm News

Sweetwater Farm: It’s been a busy few months and with some nice warm days we have been busy getting one of two tunnels up along with seeding our heads off! Lots of good veggies coming your way soon!

Sweetwater Farms new greenhouse

Veggie starts at Sweetwater Farms

Glacial Till Farm: We've progressed from "Let it snow" to "Let it GROW!" Because we all can't get enough of Glacial Till Farm's carrots, Derek seeded carrots last week.

Planting carrot seeds at Glacial Till Farm

See how our veggies grow at Glacial Till Farm!


Mollet Eggs Florentine from the recipes of Jacques Pepin

Autumn and I have been busy giving our website a facelift. We will switch to the new look later this month.

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