NWPA Growers

Locally Grown.  Sustainable.  Fresh.

A New Type of CSA
The Member's Choice Model

Your membership,  Your way.

Choose only your favorites from our selection of vegetables, fruits, eggs, pastured meats, maple syrup, honey, dairy, and more!

Growing For the Future

We provide sustainably grown, organic or natural produce farmed using non-GMO seeds and grains, no chemical fertilizers, and no chemical pesticides/herbicides.

Bring Fresh Home

Harvested specifically for our members each week, you have to live on the farm to get fresher, in-season produce!

Connect to Your Community

Together, we connect the rich agricultural landscape of Northwest Pennsylvania right to your table, empowering you to connect with your local producers!

"I love that the CSA supplements my attempts at providing healthy home grown food for my family. We have a garden and a flock of chickens, but with jobs and a busy family schedule we don't always have the time to grow a successful garden. The CSA farmers not only show us how to do things right, but they are the support we need to keep our family fed when our little crops fail (or get eaten by the chipmunks.) The last few years really made us appreciate the CSA's ability to keep the supply chain coming... your consistency has made us loyal customers."

"I love supporting local farmers who farm in ways to protect and restore the soil, love eating better than organic produced clean food, and love keeping my food dollars in this area. Changing my eating habits to include a lot more and greater diversity of vegetables, which I've been able to get through the CSA, has really improved my health. Thank you!"

"I had access to excellent products that would otherwise be challenging to obtain. And I appreciate being able to support local producers and growers."

"Eating locally grown/raised food is very important to me. Initially I joined this CSA for environmental/climate reasons as local food production is important to the health of our planet. My reasons have expanded. The vegetables we receive are of amazing quality. This food is helping me and my family to be healthy. It if life giving."

"As a busy working mom it is such a blessing to have access to the variety and quality of food directly from local farmers but the convenience in getting it all in one stop. Living in a rural area means less access to brick and morter groceries that carry similar options and truthfully the CSA is better than going to those stores anyway."

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