Who Grows YOUR Food?
A primary benefit of CSA membership is the relationship with your food producer.
Member farms of NWPA Growers use regenerative and sustainable practices. We reject chemical pesticides and herbicides, choosing instead to focus on building healthy soil which in turn grows nutrient dense food. We do not use GMO seeds or animal feed.
Our animals are raised on pasture as much as possible. Cows and sheep are 100% grass fed, while pigs and poultry are fed non-GMO grains to supplement rotational grazing.
Meet the growers and producers behind NWPA Growers Co-Op

Bushel & a Peck Farm

Eric and Amy Philson operate Bushel & a Peck Farm along with our youngest children. Our children are the third generation to work our 190-acre farm near Mercer, and our homeschool curriculum centers around farm life.  The main crop sold through NWPA Growers is maple syrup and maple products from the many maple trees that grow in our woods. We are also the main supplier of pastured eggs, and you can find some of our garden produce in the CSA at times.

We raise grass fed cattle and sheep and pastured chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. We currently have almost 100 cattle and 130 sheep that get are rotated to a new paddock every day or two at four different farms that we manage. We are currently building an on-farm USDA processing facility while we build up our herd, so our meat will be available to NWPA Growers customers sometime in the future.

Besides farming, Amy is also the General Manager of NWPA Growers. She's the face behind almost every email that you receive and the organizer of all that is CSA.

Glacial Till Farm

An honest organic vegetable farm operating on a human scale, Glacial Till Farm grows nutrient dense produce for this local community in Slippery Rock, PA.

A true family endeavor, owners Derek & Autumn Kellogg incorporate their four children into every aspect of the farm operation and Derek's mother, Jill, helps package the produce.

The farm has been partnered with NWPA Growers for 7 years and Derek has served as the Board president, while Autumn serves as the Marketing Manager and secretary.

The growers love the challenge of growing a variety of vegetables, especially owns they haven't grown before. Derek's favorite crop to grow is salad mix and he continues to develop the perfect blend of lettuces and baby greens.

Quality and superior customer service is paramount to the family. Their farm motto is: "Build Soil. Grow Food. Expand Knowledge."

Harmony Grove Farm

Rooted in a family tradition of farming that dates back to the 1800s, Monty and Akemi Hoffman of Harmony Grove Farm, Harrisville, PA have transformed family land into a year round produce oasis.

The couple primarily grows hydroponic lettuce and salad greens in pristine greenhouses. They describe the greenhouses as tranquil, peaceful environments filled with beautiful light.

Harmony Grove uses a looped water system to control the amount of water each plant receives. It is a clean system that uses 100% pure minerals and no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

The Integrated Pest Management system uses beneficial insects like ladybugs and praying mantis to keep populations of harmful insects at a manageable level.

Moose Family Farm

Farming is in Chuck Moose's blood. He converted his New Wilmington, PA based family dairy farm into a beef cattle farm and supplies NWPA Growers with a variety of beef products.

Chuck raises his herd from birth until market using rotational grazing techniques. The cows are never given antibiotics or chemicals.

Moose Family Farm also raises pastured chickens and turkeys in movable pens so they can eat fresh grass and bugs daily, supplemented with non-GMO grains.

Mickley Organic Farm

In 1967, Howard Mickley purchased in family farm in Plain Grove Twp. and began a homesteading operation for his family. He grew from farming 23 acres to 100 acres and found he had bountiful produce, eggs and meat products.
Howard retired from his full time job as a truck driver in 2002 and focused solely on farming. One of his sons helps him on the farm.
His farm was certified organic in 2002 and since then Howard has focused upon his non soy, pasture raised eggs. 

Sweetwater Farm

Ben and Suzanne Trew are first generation farmers who have settled their family in Mercer, PA with the intent of farming  responsibly, sustainably, and organically.

They grow baby root vegetables, cole crops, leafy greens, squashes, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, berries and microgreens (just to name a few) on 4 acres.

They also leave room in those 4 acres for
cover crops and a pollinator garden where we keep a few bee hives.

The Trews farm with extended family and a few employees. This is their first year with NWPA Growers.

Hazy Hollow Farm

Located in Slippery Rock, PA, Hazy Hollow Farm sits on land that has been under cultivation since at least 1820. Herb Thompson's family has owned it since 1947 and has been raising grass fed beef, lambs and pasture fed pigs.

Hazy Hollow has been associated with NWPA Growers for almost 25 years.

The farm grows only mixed hay crops and uses improved pastures on 130acres.

All the cattle are exclusively grass fed. The sheep are grass fed with supplemental non-GMO grain at lambing. Piglets are purchased from a reputable grower and pasture raised, supplemented with non-GMO wheat.

The Way Nature Intended

Heather Rust Murray founded her shop located in Mercer, PA after she began formulating her own personal care items with as limited ingredients as possible. "The way nature intended."

She is passionate about informing her community about the benefits of using naturally-based, limited ingredients instead of chemicals.

Since 2012 Heather has provided her customers with soaps, lotions, balms, scrubs and more.

Willow Brook Farm

Established in the 1800s, Willowbrook Farms is a family owned and operated farm located in Slippery Rock. Over the many years, the Drake family has gained experience and expertise in various aspects of agriculture and livestock.

Willowbrook Farms, cares about the health and safety of their animals, produce and customers, therefore they do not implant steroids or inject hormones into their livestock and never spray or use harmful substances on their produce. Their gardens are maintained with natural methods that ensure clean, safe produce for their family and yours. Willowbrook Farms will be supplying produce and flowers to NWPA Growers.

Yellow Creek Farm

Bob and Joann White  operate a “micro” farm producing on less than a ¼ acre in Prospect, PA.

They have been growing their own vegetables, chickens, eggs, pigs and honey for over 30 years.
They began growing for NWPA Growers 6 years ago.
They specialize in high tunnel tomatoes.

Underhill Produce

Inspired by her childhood, owner Alyssa Hickson of Slippery Rock, PA began gardening for her own family and found herself with a surplus.

This is her first season partnering with NWPA Growers and Alyssa is excited to share her bounty with her community!

" I think as humans we are wired to have connection with our food, and knowing that I'm eating something grown in my own backyard, foraged from the forest near my house, or grown by someone who feels like a neighbor are all incredibly powerful connections. I also value the resource conservation and quality improvement inherent in reducing the food miles of what we eat."

Duncan's Backyard Farm

Things are always "buzzing" at John Duncan's farm and apiary in Grove City, PA!
John raises 3 to 4 hives of bees on a 1 acre rural plot of land at his house.  He supplies the honey for our CSA.

John grows most of his own vegetables and hopes to expand his growing for NWPA Growers. 

Additional Small Businesses and Non Member Farms

We also carry products from many local farms and businesses who choose not to be members of our farm cooperative. 

Burlap & Barrel Spices

Full Moon Mushrooms, Cambridge Springs

Fuzzy Monkey Coffee, Slippery Rock

Georgia Grinders Nut Butters

Hochstetler Farm, Fredonia

Middlefield Cheese, Middlefield, Ohio

Olive & Marlowe, Pittsburgh

Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle

Pennsylvania Sourdough, Grove City

Raber Farm, Greenville

Simply Sweets, Mercer

Tait Farm Foods, State College

Vera Pasta, West Chester

Viele Farm, Cochranton

Wild for Salmon, Bloomsburg

Bring Fresh Home.

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