When does the season begin and end?

The 2024 Summer CSA Season begins June 12th and ends November 20th.  

Winter/Spring CSA is every other week through December through May.

What size share should I get?

We offer shares in sizes small, standard, large, and extra large. Share size often is determined by your household size. Because we offer a wide variety of local products, it is very easy to fill a small or standard size share! Your share can be different each week because of our member choice model. A good rule of thumb to help you choose is: do you want a few veggies per week? Size small is your match. Do you want lots of veggies or veggies with some additional local grocery items? Size standard or large will meet your needs. Do you want ALLLL the veggies plus some meats and grocery items? Size extra large is perfect for you!


What will be in my share each week?

Our produce is grown exclusively in Western Pennsylvania which means it is subject to seasonal weather patterns. You can expect produce items that are in season for our region (we will provide you with a vegetable seasonality chart). Poultry, dairy, meat and pantry items are always available as long as they are in stock.
Members customize their share weekly (or biweekly if you chose that plan).  You can choose all produce, all meats, or a mixture from all of our farm products.  

How do I pay?

At sign up, you can choose to pay for your 24 week membership in full with credit card or ACH payment from your bank account, or you can select the payment plan. Payment plan installments are due at sign up, July 1, August 15 and October 1. Payment reminders are emailed.

How does my membership work?

Store credit is distributed to your account weekly (or biweekly if you chose that option), based upon the value of the share size you selected (e.g., $20/week for small, $35/week for standard, $50/week for large and $75/week for extra large).

You receive an email every Friday morning reminding you to customize your share. You login to your account, add items to your virtual cart, and check out using your store credit, and then you will receive a confirmation email.  Pick up your share on Wednesdays.


What if I go on vacation?

You can travel as much as you want with our CSA! Simply do not place an order the week you are unavailable. You are not charged for the weeks you miss, your store credit remains in your account and automatically rolls over for the next week.

How often will I receive a share?

We offer weekly or biweekly plans.

When do I pick up my share?

Pickup always occurs on Wednesday.

Where do I pick up my share?

We offer share pick up in 8 different communities: Butler, Grove City, Hermitage, Mercer, Meadville, New Castle, Slippery Rock, and Zelienople.
Pick up sites vary from businesses to private residences. Pickup times vary according to location, contact us for pickup times.

How do I pick up my share?

Your share will be packaged in a reusable plastic box (or boxes if you have a large share). Please transfer the contents into your own bags or boxes and fold our box flat. (We clean and reuse the boxes to keep costs down.)

If you ordered any cold items, you will find them in the cooler bag, labeled with your name. Please take your item or bag and make sure the bag is zipped to keep the remaining food cold. We encourage you to check the packing list on your box to ensure you didn't forget any items. Occasionally our box packers make a mistake: simply contact us and we will correct any oversights.

Can someone else pick up my share on my behalf?

Yes! If you cannot pick up your share yourself, simply send a substitute! All they have to do is find the box with your name on it. Please be sure to instruct them to leave our box and to check for any cooler items if you have them.

What if I forget to pick up my share?!

First, try to call your pickup location. If you pick up at a business and they are closed for the evening, call them first thing in the morning. You can also email amy@nwpagrowers.com if you can't reach your pickup hosts. 

If you know you're running late, you can call your pickup hosts and ask them to leave your box outside when they close their store that night. 

We recommend that you set a reminder in your phone or calendar app so you don’t miss your weekly pickup time.

Do you offer home delivery?

Yes! We offer home delivery for an extra delivery fee. Our driver will leave your share on your porch. If you will not be home to take care of your share quickly, please leave a cooler outside. 

Home delivery is available within a radius of our pickup locations, or within a reasonable distance from our route. 

To guess the approximate time of your delivery, refer to our pickup locations, listed in order of delivery, to see where you are located along our route.

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