2024 CSA Week 1

It's finally here! Welcome to new members, and welcome back to previous members. Some of you have been with us all winter and spring, and we're so glad you're here, too.

CSA week 1png

Important info

You will receive emails from me (Amy Philson) regularly throughout the season. Every Friday morning I send an email with a link to this newsletter. If you have a biweekly share, then the email only comes every other week, but you can still read the newsletter on our website. The link to the CSA store is always in the newsletter.

I will be off work and away from computer and phone this Wednesday and Thursday (June 12-13). I know...a horrible time to be off on the first day of the new season, but I can't avoid it. If you have any problems with your share, please email me and I will respond on Friday morning. Since I won't be available to oversee packing shares, there will inevitably be some errors this first week since our farmers who will pack just aren't as detail-oriented as I am :) So we ask for your understanding in advance, and we will make corrections for the errors.

I also do not work on Saturdays, so if you ever email me on Saturday, I will reply on Sunday morning.

Due to the record-breaking amount of rain in April, most of our produce is behind schedule. Therefore, this first week or two will have limited amounts of produce. If you only want produce in your box, then you can bank some of your credits to use later.

Our weekly schedule

The CSA store opens on Friday mornings, usually around 7 AM (but possibly a little late next week since I will be cramming all of my Thursday planning into early Friday morning). Note that some of the most popular produce that has limited quantities sells out quickly. Just because an item is in your cart doesn't mean it will still be available when you check out.

The order period lasts until Sunday night. On Sunday morning, we open the store to non-CSA members, so order before that for the best selection.

Your farmers harvest the crops on Monday and Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday.

How to Choose your Share Contents

If you have never customized your CSA share on our Local Line site, follow these instructions. Returning members can also use the refresher :)

  1. Navigate to the CSA member store (scroll till you find the green button). Make sure you're signed in (upper right corner on a desktop or click the three lines for the menu on mobile.

  2. If the CSA store doesn't load automatically, click on CSA Members Store.

  3. Add products to your cart. You can scroll through the entire list, or you can filter by category, tag, or vendor. When you click on the cart icon in the upper right corner, you can see your total, the amount of store credit you have, and make adjustments there.

  4. If your total is over the amount of credit you have, you will be prompted to pay the balance with a credit card or ACH payment at checkout. If your total is under your credit, the extra will remain on your account to use later.

  5. When everything looks good on your order, click "Go to Checkout." Once an order is placed, changes can't be made to it. Make sure your contact info is accurate and make any changes necessary.

  6. Click on "Continue to Payment." NEW THIS YEAR: Store credit is automatically applied to your order. If you have a balance due, pay from your bank account (fewer fees for us) or your credit card. To save your account info on the encrypted site for future use, click on the Remember me box.

  7. Click on Place order.

Your order will be ready for pickup (or delivery) the following Wednesday. You may place more than one order each weekend. Sometimes our farmers add more inventory or additional products to the store over the weekend, so even if you choose your share contents on Friday, you might want to check back on Sunday.

Picking up your share:


Shares are delivered to the pickup locations on Wednesdays. Please consult the schedule in the CSA Handbook that you received via email or on the 2024 CSA Members Facebook group. The pickup times are different from Winter/Spring CSA, and the route order is different than last year.

We make every effort to be on time, but in the event of unforeseen delays, rest assured that our driver will be along shortly. Please note that this first week the driver may be later than normal because of packing issues.

  • Many locations are self-serve, so when you arrive, please find the box(es) with your name on the packing list on the outside of the box.

  • If you have more than one box, one box will have 1/2 noted on it and the second box will have a bright post-it noting 2/2.

  • REMOVE THE PACKING LIST FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and compare it to your box contents.

  • Transfer your box contents to your own bags and fold the share box flat.

  • Check your packing list to see if you have cold items to retrieve from the cooler. Those items will be marked with a "C" on your packing list. Find your cold item or bag of items in the community cooler.

  • Thank you for respecting our pickup hosts' time and property. They host CSA for free in order to promote local foods and as a service to the community. If you pick up at a business, please consider making a purchase from them sometimes.

Home delivery members can consult the schedule to find the approximate time that your share will be delivered. If you won't be home at delivery time, you may want to leave a cooler for your share.

This week's features

  • Carrots from Yellow Creek Farm, but only 10 available. So be quick to grab them!

  • Welcome Back Special from Moose Farm: Buy 3 and we will send a 4th for free of Ground Beef, Split Chicken Breast, or Beef Soup Bones. That's a 25% savings! Grab a bunch of ground beef and chicken for summer grilling.

  • Asparagus from Mickley Organic Farm

  • Garlic scapes and radishes from Glacial Till Farm

  • Rhubarb from Bushel & a Peck Farm

Farm News

Most weeks, I share some news from one or more farms. But since this newsletter is so long this time, you just get a pic of some of the giant asparagus from Mickley Farm. Despite being about 1-1/2 inches thick, it's still tender. That's because Howard focuses on healthy soil to bring us the most nutritious food.

MF 2024 06 04jpeg


Every week, we share some recipes that feature current farm products.

Lemony Asparagus Salad

Roasted Asparagus and Radishes with Mustard Vinaigrette

Beet Tops Pesto

Spicy Egg Boil

Spicy Asian Zucchini

Did you know that NWPA Growers has a Pinterest page? You can find all the recipes that we've shared over the past several years.

If you made it to the end of this very long newsletter, I commend you. The newsletters usually aren't this long, I promise.

We're looking forward to a great growing season and we're excited to share our farm products with you.

On behalf of your NWPA Growers farmers,

Amy Philson