2024 CSA Week 2

For those of you with biweekly shares, welcome to CSA 2024! If this is your first week ordering, I encourage you to read through last week's newsletter to get the scoop on the new season.

This part bears repeating: When you pick up your share, please remove the packing slip from the outside of the box and compare it with your box contents. Retrieve any cold items from the community cooler bag. If you're missing anything, email me within a day or two, and we will credit your account for the missing item. Ditto for damaged items.

Milk bottles

When you order milk, Pasture Maid Creamery sends it in reusable glass bottles. Please discard the lid, wash your bottle, and return it next week to your pickup location.

This week's features

  • This is the second and final week for Moose Family Farm's Buy 3 Get 1 Free of ground beef, split chicken breast, and beef broth bones. Simply order three and we will include a fourth package for free. That's a 25% savings!

  • Georgia Grinders nut butters are back in stock, with the addition of cashew butter

  • Clarion River Organics salsa, relish, and hot peppers are back in stock

  • Sourdough bread and rolls are back in stock this week after their vacation

  • You will find a lot of variety in our produce section, but still limited quantities on a lot of items due to spring rains

Farm News

GT 2024 06 14jpg

Glacial Till Farm: When rows of arugula, spinach and baby greens are done being harvested, they will grow back (this growth won’t be up to our taste standards), so we let them start to flower for the pollinators before green mulching them and planting something new in the rows! The flowers are also edible and our kids love to sample them!


With the heat wave coming next week, let's focus on salad recipes this week.

Swiss Chard, Apple and Chickpea Salad

Lemon Parmesan Kale Salad

What are Garlic Scapes and How to Use Them

Tons of ideas for using scapes in this post!

Chicken Salad Contessa

Thank you for bearing with us for a rocky start to the season, with limited produce and me being off work for the first delivery. Feel free to email me with questions or comments.

On behalf of your NWPA Growers farmers,

Amy Philson