Meet Our Farmers #6

Meet your NWPA Growers farmers #6

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NWPA Growers is a cooperative of farmers who raise good food using organic methods. In the last couple of years, several of our veggie growers have left us due to various personal reasons, but that left a gaping hole in our produce offerings.  

This is the sixth (and final) installment to introduce you to our farmers. 

Mickley Organic Farm


Howard Mickley bought his 23-acre farm in Plain Grove Township in 1967. While raising their children, Howard also worked off-farm, but since retiring he has been farming full-time. In addition to the land that he owns, he farms 100 acres, raising organic, non-soy grain for chickens and pigs as well as hay. Howard grinds and mixes his own chicken feed for his non-soy organic eggs layers.

Mickley Organic Farm gained organic certification in 2002. He currently raises laying hens, meat chickens, and pastured pigs, but he has also raised beef and dairy cows in the past. He also grows some fruits and veggies for NWPA Growers. Howard is a lifelong learner, and he is always finding new methods to improve his farm and increase the nutritional value of the food he grows.

 The Way Nature Intended

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The Way Nature Intended is a home-based business near Mercer. After developing allergies to most commercial personal care products, Heather Murray embarked on a mission to provide clean products to her customers. Beginning in 2012, she operated a store in Mercer for several years, carrying clean products and supplements. However, the costs of operation forced her to close the store and move her business to her home. Heather now makes her products The Way Nature Intended in her kitchen with limited, clean ingredients. She sells them at local events and through NWPA Growers.

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